Exceptional Electrical Services for Different Projects


As an experienced industrial electrical contractor, Middle Canyon Electric has assisted a vast variety of industrial facilities. From oil and gas compressor and pumping stations to special metals manufacturers Middle Canyon Electric has expanded existing product lines, decreased equipment inefficiencies, and made machinery safer for the employees that work in these industries. From building specialty cables and electrical control panels to installing machine safety systems we have the experience and staff to meet your project requirements.

Design Build

We have been earnest adopters of the Design Build Approach to construction management. We embrace the ability for owners to make changes during the design process to minimizes errors and delays during construction. We also enjoy the collaborative process associated with design build projects. Our company has teaming agreements with several local engineering firms to assist with the design your ideas, expansions and/or new product lines. With the design build approach, you only deal with our project executive as a single point of contact, as we work to coordinate every aspect of the project. Everything starts with an idea; our designers and quality driven craftspeople make them a reality.


In the ever-growing world around us many commercial firms are looking for builders and contractors that can share their vision for spaces and places to conduct their business. As a commercial electrical contractor, Middle Canyon Electric strives to be a trusted associate that can meet deadlines and budgetary goals. Our professionalism, experience and quality products are what set us apart as a dependable electrical system integrator.

Service Work

Dependability, reliability, trust and experience are what get equipment and systems back on line when the critical systems fail. Down time is rarely expected and even more rarely helps a company meet their goals. Please trust us to be there when it matters most.


Middle Canyon Electric personnel have had the opportunity to work on several government projects over the last few years. This experience allowed us to gain an important insight into the types of unique project requirements’ that are demanded of the Federal and State projects. Our experience as Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) project managers for USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers) has given us an extensive background, knowledge and experience with construction quality management. We are also versed in the use and application of the UFGS (Unified Facilities Guide Specifications). By Implementing the US Army Corps of Engineers standards we can ensure our craftsmen have the knowledge to install all products and systems with the highest quality. Using the USACE QA/QC checks throughout construction ensures us we are working to the Governments exacting standards.